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League Battle Puroresu (LBP) is a roleplaying efed revolved around Stables (Like Dragon Gate) and pretty much storylines based on those.

    END - Heel Stable


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    END - Heel Stable

    Post by TheMessenger on Fri Oct 02, 2015 12:51 am

    Stable Name: END

    Stable Leader: The stable in ran by a leader hidden behind the scenes, making sure things are done how they would like it to be.

    Stable Members: Beltane, Christopher Reynolds, KAMI(Alter Ego of Danny Young, split personality)

    Stable Colours: Black and White

    Stable Entrance: The arena lights black out completely, no music is heard but the sounds of crying can be heard playing over the speaker system. When the lights return, the members of END are standing in the centre of the ring.

    Stable Logo(Optional, at least describe for the us to do our best to make):

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